Bedroom | 'Kamber'

The bedroom at the eastern side of the house contains a large collection of miscellaneous antique furniture. There are two mahogany bedsteads from the first half of the 19th century, both with identical headboards, decorated with scrolls and applied roundels. One has turned and carved posts about as high as the headboard and also a footboard.
The other has semi-high posts with twisted turnings and robust carving. This bed has no footboard.

The Neo-Renaissance dressing table has a marble top and applied carvings. On both sides of the large rectangular mirror there is a candle shelf. The drawers are made with so called ‘zwaluwstaart’ connections. Also ‘doken’ (wooden pins) were used to construct this dressing table. It has metal pulls. The dressing table was made during the first quarter of this century. It has no lower middle part, like most other dressing tables.

The small washstand is made of dark mahogany with a marble top and wooden splashboards. The ones at the sides are curved, the one at the back is straight. The marble top has a round opening containing a washbowl. It is made of white porcelain with a simple green decoration. Part of the set is also a soapbox. The bottom shelf contains a small drawer. 

The washstand was made during the second half of the 19th century.

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